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  • Company Mission

    Reputable International Engineering & Construction Company

    "Based on our management philosophy, which in line with our parent company, JEL Group’s mission, of “To provide superior and comprehensive engineering solutions to customers worldwide”, we shall continue to provide the best services and consistently meet our customers' expectations and continuous “good changes” of our mindset and our work methodologies which aimed to improve daily productivity and the end result."

    -Yap Chee Lung, President Director

  • Our Core Business




  • Strength in Diversity!
    PT Jurong Engineering Lestari's biggest asset is a diverse workforce comprising of more than 97 professionals and technical staff of various disciplines and thousands of direct workers from many different part of Indonesia and Asia region including from Sumatera to Java to Kalimantan, Sulawesi and East Timor. This is our greatest strength, the ability to think with Indonesian way and Asian flavoured mentality to create new and different ideas!
  • Excellence in Execution...
    PT Jurong Engineering Lestari is proud to be part of JEL group who has successfully executed many projects in Southeast Asia, China, Indian Sub-Continent, the Middle East, Africa and the Southern Caribbean. Our vast experiences have given us confidence to execute projects of high quality and offer one-stop services for our customers.
  • Forging New Frontiers...
    We are part of JEL group establishment of global network of Subsidiaries and Associates, sharing the large power plant and industrial plant hands-on construction experience with all major OEMs and EPCMS, other than that our parent, JEL group, had also established engineering centre and fabrication shops around the region.
  • Quality in Network...
    Our small and strong local satellite teams in the region have the ability to operate independently, working with the same dedication as JEL Group. This ensures we deliver consistent and quality performance to our clients no matter which part of the world the project is in.

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JEL Group of Companies

We are part of JEL group establishment of global network of Subsidiaries and Associates. Over the years, JEL Group of Companies has successfully executed projects in more than 20 countries in South East Asia, China, Indian sub-continent, Middle East, Africa, South America and Southern Caribbean. About JEL Group
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