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PT JEL with JEL Singapore support foray into EPC projects. JEL Group has to date completed 12 EPC power projects which included 10 combined cycle plants, 1 combined heat and power plant and 1 biomass cogeneration plant.

EPC projects are exclusively undertaken by the JEL Singapore Engineering Division. The Engineering Division had evolved through the amalgamation of an extant Design Department, Engineering Procurement Department and 4 EPC Management Departments. The Division offers prospective clients a one stop service centre for the proposal and execution of complete EPC power projects.

JEL Singapore Design Department was formed in 1972. In its early years the department had provided engineering design services for projects ranging from Power Generation, Chemical Plant, Cement Plant, Sewage Treatment and many types of industrial plants. With the shift in focus to EPC power projects, this department has now been equipped with the latest computerized tools, including an extensive array of CADD and CAE software. Our multi-disciplined design team can ably provide engineering solutions that are cost effective whilst maintaining a high standard of engineering excellence.

The major services carried out in-house by the Design Department are as follows:

  • Plant Engineering
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering
  • Piping Design
  • Tanks and Vessels Design
  • Civil and Structural Design

The JEL Singapore's Engineering Procurement Department focuses on Global Sourcing considering factors such as Innovation, Technical Compliance, Suitability, Quality, Delivery, Operational Support, Service Support and Competitive Pricing. A fair and equitable vendor selection process is ensured by compliance with the procurement procedures enshrined in our Quality Management System. The Material Management Process is greatly enhanced through integration with the company’s SAP system. The Engineering Procurement Department works closely with the Design Department and the EPC Management Departments to ensure purchase of the Right Quantity of Material at Right Price, delivered to Right Place at the Right Time. Advantage is also garnered by collaboration with procurement functions in the Group’s subsidiaries to ensure the best support is provided for our EPC projects.

The 4 EPC Departments are each helmed by a highly experienced Project Manager who has been carefully selected and meticulously trained in the various management phases of EPC projects. Selection of other members of the EPC Management teams is equally stringent with emphasis placed on past performance in managing the construction teams and with particular focus on the individual’s breadth of engineering knowledge. The EPC Management teams have already worked extensively with construction teams from the Group’s subsidiaries and close interaction ensures that EPC projects are delivered on schedule with the highest quality of workmanship.

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Simple Cycle Power Plant

Combined Cycle Power Plant

Cogeneration Plant

Biomass Power Plant

Coal Fired Cogeneration Plant

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