Jurong Engineering Limited

JEL group of companies


PT JEL undertook Civil work contracts since its inception and by now has completed some Civil, Structural and Building projects of various sizes for Industrial Plants such as Distillery Plant, Smelter Plant and Coal Gasification Plant.

Since year 2010, a centralized PT JEL's Civil Department was formed, its main role is to provide civil construction technique and jointly operate with PT JEL's Power Plant Division and Industrial Plant Division for execution of civil related works. This is also one way of satisfying customer's need of having a one stop shopping.

Civil Expertise

  • Earth Works, Soil Improvement, Shoring, Sheet Piling and Dewatering works
  • Piling & Equipment Foundations works
  • Structural Steel Fabrication and Installation works
  • Roofing and Cladding works, including Water Proofing and Fire Proofing
  • Painting, Chemical Coating and Lining Works
  • Underground Piping, Drainage and Sewerage Works
  • Building M&E Services works (HVAC, Lighting, Lightning and Fire Fighting)
  • Landscaping and Other Civil works such as Road, Fence & Gate, and Site Temporary Facilities.
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